About Jafila
Looking for the nearest mosque? Fancy a new halal restaurant? Interested in islamic events in your neighborhood?

What is Jafila?

Jafila is a global Islamic web portal aimed at facilitating networking between Muslim companies on the one hand and potential clients on the other. Muslim consumers get an overview of the businesses, service providers, organizations and mosques in their area, while giving businesses the opportunity to present their products and services in a professional and targeted manner.

Jafila is currently the fastest growing Islamic web portal in the world. Muslim users have the opportunity to network with each other, to find Islamic institutions, companies, organizations, restaurants, Islamic-oriented events, trends and offers, just about anything that is of interest to them in everyday life, on a single platform.

For companies, on the other hand, it's the perfect way to showcase their products or services where they're needed today: online and mobile. And they also benefit from the advice of our experts.

Jafila Business

With steady growth, growing assets and direct principles, the Islamic economy has become a well-established reality in the global economy system. The potential size of the Halal global market is enormous. Studies indicate that religion significantly influences the choice of Muslim consumers and is usually the key factor in buying a product. The development of Halal marketing strategies is therefore crucial to strengthening the position of companies in the Halal market.

With this apparent rise in halal awareness and the phenomenon of globalization, many companies are recognizing the opportunities and imperatives to expand in this growing market segment, either by involving Muslims in their targeted campaigns or by focusing specifically on Muslims.

With its unique Islamic community, Jafila offers companies many attractive ways to showcase their products or services to their target audiences around the world. Our main goal is to facilitate the networking of Muslim companies with each other on the one hand and potential customers on the other. By developing state-of-the-art digital marketing strategies, we support companies tapping Halal markets and satisfying Muslim consumers' demand for Halal products and services.