Jafila Serenity – heavenly aromatic experience!

Available in two different fragrances

Bring warm and inviting scents to your home with the delightful fragrances of Jafila Serenity wax melts!



Place a wax melt into the melter, put a lit tea light below and allow it to melt, filling your home with it’s own bespoke fragrance. Don’t add water or essential oils! Enjoy the natural scent for up to 25 hours.


100% natural raw materials; contains no synthetic colors and fragrances. Perfumes: 100% all-natural essential oils and 100% natural perfume; contains no synthetic colors and fragrances.  

Safety First!

Use only according to the instructions for use to avoid the risk of fire, glass breakage or personal injury. Put a burning candle on a heat-insensitive surface. Never put near any flammable objects or near anything that can be damaged by heat. Never leave a burning candle unattended. Do not put your melter within reach of children or pets. People who are sensitive to fragrances should use this product with caution. Can cause allergic reactions.   Practical tip: If the tealight burns out, simply put a new one in and melt the wax again. To clean your melter, wait for the wax to harden and use a scraper to loosen the edges.  

Jafila Serenity - Available in two different fragrances:

Litsea Cubeba is a tropical tree with evergreen leaves, originating in Southeast Asia. It’s fruit is mainly used to produce essential oil with a fragrant aroma, known for its soothing and sedative properties. Apple Blossom is an invigorating fragrance that combines both the mouthwatering sweetness of the fruit and its energizing effect on body and mind.