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On september the 15th, representatives of various faith communities in Austria came together at the initiative of the Islamic Religious Community of Austria (Islamische Glaubensgemeinschaft in Österreich - IGGÖ), the Vienna Islamic Center and the Roman Catholic parish of St. Elisabeth, Bruckhaufen, Among them were vicar Mag. P. Dariusz Schutzki, parish Dr. Richard Tatzreiter, the President of the IGGÖ, Ibrahim Olgun, the President of the Austrian Buddhist Religious Society, Gerhard Weißgrab and Salim Mujkanovic, imam at the Vienna Islamic Center. After the declaration of Austrian imams against extremism and terrorism [VERLINKEN], signed earlier this year, the representatives wanted to set a further example for peaceful coexistence within the Austrian population. In their speeches, they emphasized the importance of respecting others beliefs and to work together on a daily basis for the social cohesion and solidarity. Their speeches were followed by the formation of a human chain, leading from the Islamic Center to the parish of Bruckhaufen, aiming to symbolize the following: All human beings are equal parts of our society, no matter what religion, culture or ethnicity they belong to. Jafila accompanied this event for you